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Sitemap and Design Iterations

It is important after making user journey that you start with your first version of a sitemap for your app or website. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s not final, and heck you can keep it on post it notes. Just as long as it is put on paper or the wall; just as long as the entire design team can visually see it. Why do we do this? Well, it is a high-level view of what we’re thinking of going with the design concept. Also, it allows not only people on the design team to see and modify; it also allows your stakeholders, content team, information architects, and others to view it as well. It then becomes a living document as you go through the process to validate your decisions and even necessary changes. As you go through usability testing and meetings with the business; you will see the first version will not be what the final version is and that’s ok. This is what being a user experience design practitioner means; it means you practice and iterates for the best possible solution that meets the business goals and outcomes.