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Practice Giving Feedback and Critique in the UX Process

Let’s start by making one thing very clear from the outset that a critique is not an attack on the individual designer, project team, stakeholder, or any other persons related to the project. It should always be coming from the view of the user (whether it meets their needs) and also thinking about the business objective as well, thus when both of these requirements are meet the project is moving in the right direction.

No matter if you’re doing an individual critique or a group peer review, the point of the analysis is to get feedback and also to start a conversation with everyone involved. Peer reviews are great cause you can get different individual perspectives besides those that have been part of the project at all.

This week after providing feedback to 15 other UX designers work, I started going back to my project and was able to see areas of improvements that I could make myself on my mobile app. This continued UX cycle of iteration, design, feedback, and also good to take a break every once in a while to step back. By doing so, this allowed me to gain a whole new perspective on my work from the gaps I currently have and also reflect on the things I was doing well.

Last thoughts are that when you can, take the time to critique and participate in the feedback cycle; it is a significant step as a UX practitioner.

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