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Microinteraction Feedback

Microinteractions are an excellent way to have users do a simple task that they can focus on one at a time without feeling overwhelmed with a page or screen they are on. I’d like to focus on microinteraction feedback, which Google is doing a great job at this right now. They are asking simple questions “is this helpful: yes or no” in some locations that they are looking to get feedback on OR in areas that you have first come to. This is great because it’s not too distracting or disruptive. Also, users don’t mind one tap action here because they know the info collected will only make the app better. How do they know this? They know because of the continuous updates that Google regularly provides. Usually, you see companies put an overlay star rating system OR request feedback that is about five questions long. That’s simply too annoying taking me away from what I’m there to do in the app. Bottom line, keep things small and straightforward when you want your users to provide feedback; it also doesn’t hurt give users a “thank you” or kudos for helping out; even letting users know that feedback they provided has been implemented will persuade them to help out in the future continuously.