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Life as an Amazon Instant Video UX Designer

By July 2, 2016October 31st, 2016User Experience (UX)

Although this video is only 2:08 in length, you really need to watch it several times to catch these small bits of information that truly resonated with me, such as:

  • change the way people watch TV
  • work on a product that even I’m a consumer of
  • share your ideas with the highest levels of leadership
  • as soon as there’s a new device, we’re on it (meaning they are always designing to fit to any smart media device)
  • we’re a customer focused company, we work to find out how we can benefit them
  • in the future the technology will disappear, and that our users naturally engage with it
  • simple, personalized, and everywhere
  • when blue sky thinking becomes a reality, is when things will get really exciting

What Amazon and their Instant Video team are doing for their customers is truly an amazing accomplishment if you think about all the various products and devices that you have, that your friends have, and new ones that are about to come to market, how you’re able to pretty much get the same experience and content across the board is a challenging task in our fast moving technology market today.