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What is Blue Sky Design Thinking?

By July 24, 2016October 31st, 2016User Experience (UX)


So there’s a term that some designers may know, but most designers probably won’t unless you’re doing new product development that will leverage all of our current and near future technology. That term is “Blue Sky (Design) Thinking” which simply means to do the most creative thinking you possibly can that is not conventional and not grounded in today’s reality. By doing this means you really think outside the box to problem solve challenges and then once you’ve vetted out your creative ideas, it’s time to reel it in some to see what we can actually do now or in the near term. One of the benefits of doing projects like this is to break your design normal pattern, go out into the world to create inspiration boards of current competitor products, new technology products, and see what various different ways of current products out there that you can bring bits and pieces of to solve the current challenges that you have today. This also helps you push your design skills as well as to push the skills of your development team as well. The ultimate goal of Blue Sky Thinking to take what you currently may have and push your product or service into the future for a better user experience for current and new customers that you may have.

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