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UX Designers Writing Tips

By August 14, 2016October 31st, 2016User Experience (UX)

Writing on paperThis week in class has given me some time to reflect back at the start of the course. What I found is that communication both verbally and in writing my findings in each report is important. I don’t think that many print designers, website designers, or graphic designers realize when they want to transition to doing full UX projects from start to finish their writing skills needs improve. Personally, for myself, this class has allowed me to practice and also research how to write better proposals, findings, reports, etc. Always keep in mind that what you’re writing and sending to your clients or stakeholders will probably be reviewed and seen by executives and decision makers. Thus, make sure you writing is clear and concise. Good luck to all you UXers out there!

I have found this great short and straightforward article by Digital Telepathy, 7 Writing Tips For Creating Great User Experience Here are seven tips to write copy that leads to a great user experience:
1. Practice simplicity
2. Taper instructions
3. Become one with the product
4. Write descriptions with FAQs in mind
5. Don’t make them beg for information
6. Make sure it is easy to read
7. Address the user