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Unmoderated Remote Usability Test


Image credit from Seeking Alpha

This week I had done an unmoderated remote usability study (URUT) on American Eagle Outfitters website. I checked out the website myself before the study with the participants and saw some challenges from a user experience standpoint. Thus I had identified some opportunities for a better experience. While setting up the study with my objectives in mind, I created several tasks and questions for the URUT. There are many different approaches when it comes to conducting a usability study and when is the right time to run one type of research vs. another kind? There are five main reasons why you would want to consider URUT:

• Large Sample Size
• Dispersed Audience
• Small Budget
• Convenience
• Benchmark

After my participants had completed their tasks from the study, several of them confirmed the same opportunities I had also identified when shopping on the American Eagle Outfitters website. That was excellent news to me as it validated the same challenges I saw in the site, and the data from the study will be used in my report to present to the stakeholders for my recommendations to the website to enhance a better user experience.