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Plan, Process, and Design

By June 12, 2016October 31st, 2016User Experience (UX)


This week’s readings that covered design thinking and designing for the business world chapters of Design of Everyday Things really put things in perspective of what’s truly important in designing for functionality vs a design award. I find that when you sketch and plan your ideas on paper first you focus on the main goals that you want users to achieve and it’s core simplicity. Once you get a design down on paper you start to process and analyze each phase that you want users to flow through your web page, product, or application. Here comes the most difficult part the design phase when you start putting pixels on screen, I tend to find the stakeholders or business will start to add additional content, images, links, etc on the screen and you start to lose the core goals of the page. Stay strong UX designers! Here’s where you have to come in and be the voice of  the user and let your expertise shine and show the process of where we started, our goals, and be the voice of reason. Remember as a UX designer you are in charge of the true end to end experience and it’s a tough fight, however we have we are the voice of users. We are here to make things clear, easily understandable, easy to accomplish the main goal that the stakeholders have put down from day one on paper and it’s up to us to map the very best possible solution.

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