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Mr. Tappy Mobile Usability Testing Device

By November 27, 2016November 28th, 2016User Experience (UX)

The past two weeks we got to dive deeper into mobile usability testing and mobile gestures. After looking at several devices to use for mobile usability testing, I like Mr. Tappy product. The main reason I like this device apparatus is that it is lightweight, you can still hold our device as you naturally would, it comes with magnet or suction to hold your device in place; which can also be turned to landscape mode quickly, and that it comes with an HD camera. Having the users hold the device and not be stuck on a large bulky apparatus as others I saw on the market which makes you feel as though you are at the store using a display unit. Those testing devices do not allow the user to interact with it naturally and for us to clearly capture a participant’s gestures on the touchscreen accurately. Our main goal is to capture how a participant would interact with the device, website, or app as they would at home to identify their challenges and help us find opportunities to create a better experience.