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Disney’s $1 Billion Dollar User Experience Investment

By May 22, 2016August 12th, 2016User Experience (UX)

Disney Wristband by Ken Phillips

UX Journal Reflection – Week 1

Many of us designers can only dream to have a project that you can work on or be part of a team that has a hand in the end to end experience. Whether that experience is in re-branding a company, building an e-commerce website, or like Disney’s example the entire experience from the very start when a user interacts with the website or by phone booking their visit to the end of the trip till a family comes back home. Think about that for a moment about some of your worst experiences that you have in your everyday life or when you go on vacation. What if there was a better way to do things? What would your life experiences be like?

When you first see $1 billion dollars, you think wow that’s a lot of money for any company to invest and why would they do it? Simply ask yourself the question, “If I wanted to create the Disney Magic Experience at our theme park for our customers… What would I want as a kid?” When you start thinking of all the blue sky ideas, jot them all on the whiteboard all the ideas that you can think of and do this from the eyes of your inner child, or better yet ask your child or interview kids. You’ll start to see a trend. Bottom line as a kid all you want to do is come to Disney World, and you want to hop on the rides or see the shows as soon as possible. You don’t want to waste time. So make it easy for me to get to the park, no need for me to check into my hotel or room, no waiting in long lines to get on a ride or buy tickets for the show, no wasting time looking at the menu and ordering food at the restaurant and much more.

When you have a single focus to solve a problem that all you need is the wristband for your park admission, room key, fast pass, payment method and it doesn’t tell time. Disney wants you to enjoy your vacation and not worry about the time. They want to have your time run efficiently as possible so that you have more time actually experiencing your vacation vs. wasting time by waiting in lines or making decisions what to order or do, etc. then your vacation experience is truly an amazing experience that you will feel was well worth the cost once you get home.

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