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Leather Head Sports

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If you’ve never heard of Leather Head Sports, that’s okay; neither had I until not too long ago. This small company of skilled artisans creates handcrafted, custom made footballs which resemble the ones made years ago before factories churned them out by the hundreds.

I first got acquainted with Leather Head Sports after seeing some unique footballs that were used as promotional items for the Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner movie “Draft Day”. When I saw those footballs, I knew I had to find out who made them and get one.

After learning more about the company, I chose Leatherheads to produce three custom made footballs. One of the main reasons I chose them is their reputation for doing high quality work with the best materials available. The leather for every Leather Head ball is tanned in America. Side note: the leather used to make my McGuire Design football was from the same suede material that was used for the Draft Day footballs!
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