About Us

About McGuire Design

McGuire Design specializes in helping our clients achieve their marketing goals, we just do it in a creative way. We work with companies throughout San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles to New York; as well as around the world. Achieving creative results for our clients is our passion as it shows in the quality of our work, along with service is our top priority. We put everything we have out on the table to attain these high standards and below are some of the services that we offer:

  • Logo Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Website Design
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Application Design
  • Print Design
  • HTML & CSS Coding
  • WordPress Development
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Mobile Application Design

Why We’re Different

Unlike an ad agency or design firm, we start on your project from day one. We do this by only taking on a max of 10 projects per month, so we can hit the ground running to start creative process immediately. We do not wait weeks or months to start after you’ve given us a deposit, we just don’t feel that’s right. Due to the popularity for both our creative results and our methodology, we accept only a selected number of projects each month; as well as retainer clients. Our goal is to save you from wasting time, which in turns saves you money, and helps you get started in making money faster than you ever expected. Our creative process:

  • Research – We want to learn about your products, your services, and who you are. Getting acquainted with you and discovering your business’ personality is the first step.
  • Design – No cookie cutters here. Instead we start from scratch to offer you fresh, individualized ideas and solutions. Then we tailor our services and products to your specialized needs.
  • Develop – We are a team of problem solvers that takes ideas and transforms them into reality. We go beyond the drawing board to offer real world solutions to your problems.
  • Deliver – When our job is done, the work comes to life and starts working for you. The world gets to see your business’ new face in ads, designs, marketing materials, and on the web.

award trophy

Honors & Awards

  • Print Regional Design Annual
  • Graphis New Talent Design Annual
  • How Design Magazine
  • Step Inside Design Magazine
  • LogoLounge Annual 3
  • LogoLounge Annual 5
  • LogoLounge Annual 6
  • LogoLounge Annual 7
  • LogoLounge Annual 8
  • LogoLounge Annual 9
  • LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 1: 3,000 Initial and Crest Logos
  • LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 2: 3,000 Animal and Mythology Logos
  • LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 3: 3,000 Shapes and Symbols Logos
  • LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 4: 3,000 Type and Calligraphy Logos
  • Lürzer’s International Archive Advertising Worldwide Annual
  • CMYK Magazine
  • …and many more.

Robert McGuire

About Robert McGuire

Robert McGuire was born in Singapore, as his father was in the U.S. Marines and his mom is from Vietnam… but don’t get it wrong, he’s a very proud Texan, after growing up in a Northeast Texas city called Longview. After graduating from Hallsville High School with Honors then attended Texas State University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Communication Design. He is also currently attending Kent State University for his Masters in User Experience Design through the Masters of Science Information Architecture & Knowledge Management program.

Robert never intended to work in design, but began as a computer science major. However, after taking some classes, a counselor recognized his love for art, computers, and thinking outside of the box and recommended that he give the graphic design a try. Robert did his very first logo for an engineering company in 1997. He loves being a creative director and an art director; as well as formulating innovative concepts, sharing ideas and visions with his team and his clients.

Over the years Robert has worked with several design firms and agencies such as Toolbox Studios, The Clockwork Group, and Blue Clover. As a creative director, he has helped several startups to get off the ground and even sold a food blog that he created. He worked for CaptureRx as their Marketing Manager before moving on to Carnegie Technologies where he handled all of their creative & marketing with a focus on user-interface design for several applications, as well as several products with logo design & branding.

In his free time, Robert being active, doing stuff outdoors, going to CrossFit classes, watching football and also playing fantasy football. One of his great passions is his love for cooking. If you know Robert and if you’re a friend of his, then you’re probably had some of his food. He enjoys exploring different ways to cook and even started doing desserts now. Here’s some other random little tidbits: His favorite color is silver, and his favorite sports teams are UT (The University of Texas), the San Antonio Spurs, and the Dallas Cowboys. His favorite food is Dim Sum & pretty much just meat in general.

Empty Chairs

Sorry, we’re not currently looking to add any more people to the team.

If you’d like to grab a seat, send us your information and your portfolio anyway, we’ll review it and contact you when there is an opening.

Thank you.